E-Commerce Website Marketing


Search engine optimization

We provide specialized Search Engine Optimization services for e-commerce websites. E-commerce websites present special challenges when it comes to SEO that a regular website will not encounter. In cases where you are using manufacturer descriptions, you are basically using the same content as others selling the same products. There are also technical specification for implementing things like product paging that can easily be overlooked by your development team. Our tools allow us to quickly identify these issues and present clear fixes on how to maximize your search ranks.

Specialized ad Management & product ads

From Google Shopping Ads to Facebook Pixel Re-targeting, if you are not utilizing the latest advertising for your e-commerce store, you are giving sales to your competition. We can your review your product offering and recommend ad platforms and campaigns that will provide the most return on your ad budget and increase your site’s overall revenue generation potential.



reporting & Analytics

Let’s not make decisions in the dark. Instead, let us help you make decisions on real sales data. E-commerce websites present a unique opportunity to place a direct dollar value on visitors from organic and paid ads channels. Using this data, you can make informed decisions on how to structure your digital marketing budget for maximum revenue generation.

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