PPC Management in Philadelphia

Pay-Per-Click ads are one of the best, most cost-effective ways to get your business in front of potential customers. Whether you’re looking to run Pay-Per-Click ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or search engines like Google, Leadspruce can help.

We deliver high-performance Pay-Per-Click marketing services in Philadelphia, combining transparent and easy-to-understand pricing with remarkable campaign performance to increase your return on ad spend.

Our management fee is 20% of your monthly spend — it’s that easy.


Google Ads Management

We’re a certified Google Partner, which means that our team meets all of Google’s exacting requirements in spend management, knowledge, and performance.

We put our extensive PPC expertise to work taking your ROI to the next level. Whether you need to generate more conversions or drive new business, tapping into our expert ads management team can help you meet your objectives.

We deliver Pay-Per-Click marketing services for Philadelphia businesses that leverage emerging trends and technologies to make sure you get the results your business needs.


Social Media ads Management

LeadSpruce offer PPC ads management for all the major platforms, including Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Social Media Ads offer unparalleled options to narrow down your audience for the best results. Getting the best return on investment for your paid social media campaigns takes expert knowledge of audience segmentation combined with the ability to engage your audience.

Our comprehensive approach to audience segmentation and engagement works in concert with other digital marketing channels to ensure only the right prospects see your ads. Which means more qualified leads and sales for your business.


Analytics & Reportings

YClear reporting is a crucial element of any marketing campaign. Your reports should show you at a glance exactly how your marketing dollars are performing. Whether you opt for Google Ads management alone or a more comprehensive digital marketing package, you’ll receive in-depth analytics and reports.

We provide easy to understand reports and analytics that allow you to have a clear vision of your ad spend and return. Our comprehensive reports give you meaningful insights at your fingertips.

Looking for PPC management in Philadelphia, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads? LeadSpruce delivers high-performing campaigns with a clear-cut fee structure. 

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