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When it comes to getting your local business noticed, working with an SEO agency that has proven expertise in search engine optimization can give you a big boost in organic sales and leads.

As a Google Partner agency, we’re recognized by Google for the quality of our SEO work and have helped businesses just like yours to improve their general and local SEO.

Because LeadSpruce use only Google approved methods of increasing your website’s ranking, we avoid the harsh penalties of the quick win “black hat” techniques. The wrong methods can cost your business thousands of dollars when your site is removed from Google altogether.

We provide search engine optimization services in Philadelphia for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Your success is our priority.


Proven and Trusted MEthods

We use only use the latest, proven techniques to increase your overall website rankings and organic traffic. Our results are long-lasting and will never result in a penalty from Google.

As a trusted SEO company in Philadelphia, LeadSpruce has helped many clients to improve their ranking.

We know that SEO goes way beyond keywords and that there are hundreds of factors that determine how your website ranks in searches. We take the time to learn about your business so that we can apply the best possible methods to boost your results. For an SEO agency that cares about your business, you can trust LeadSpruce



If your business targets a local audience, it’s essential that you are visible in local search results. That’s why we offer specialized search engine optimization for local businesses.

Our specialized Local SEO service uses various tried and tested techniques to boost your business’ online visibility. This includes ensuring that your business is represented accurately and consistently within Google’s Local Pack as well as other listing sites throughout the internet.


GOOGLE Penalty recovery

Has your website been penalized by Google? We can help! Our Google Penalty recovery service restores your reputation so that you can reap the rewards of organic search engine traffic.

As a Google Partner SEO agency, we know exactly how to get your SEO back on track. We can correct any penalties that blackhat SEO techniques might have brought upon your website, and get you ranking again using only Google-approved methods.

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